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Based on your answers, it looks like you need a one-hour consulting call.

Sometimes founders just need some quick input. If that sounds like what you need right now, then our One-hour Consulting Call is perfect for you.

Your 1-Hour Consulting Call

Get 1-on-1 expert guidance with a seasoned, world-class pitch deck pro

Answers to any burning questions you may have about your pitch

Know exactly what you need to do to get your deck investor-ready

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We work with great people.

what we do

We’ll cover the ins-and-outs of your pitch deck.

So, what do we cover in the call? Here’s the agenda:


    We ensure your deck has everything in it that investors look for so your startup can land more meetings more often.


    We’ve written hundreds of decks since 2018; we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to embody the tone you’re going for.


    For most startups, your brand begins with your pitch deck. We work with existing brands, and even create brand-new ones.

Guidance on the overarching pitch narrative, length, and structure

Think about your STORY. How does it develop? What is the most intriguing way to present what you do?

Input on how to improve your pitch content and slide copy

We'll discuss the best copy strategies to match what you write and say with the value you provide to investors.

Suggestions for creating more powerful slide visuals

Fully engage your audience with images that evoke the right feelings at key moments.

Get a one-page summary of everything.

After the call, Keane will send you a one-page checklist of all action items discussed.

about story

We arm founders with everything they need to land meetings and get backed by investors.

  • Learn how to get your deck investor-ready

    STORY arms founders and entrepreneurs with a powerful, concise way to talk about their business that resonates with investors.

  • Get answers to your burning questions

    Writing something long is easy, writing something short is hard. We help cut through the noise to get to the important keys.

  • Know how to improve your pitch copy and design

    Already have a draft? So do 80% of our clients. Our process builds on what you’ve written and takes it to the next level.

about keane

Our Founder, Keane Angle is an award-winning Fortune 500 brand strategist turned pitch deck pro.

Hi, I’m Keane Angle and I help founders and entrepreneurs win the hearts and minds of investors by creating powerful pitch decks that land funding.

So, let’s land you that investment.


You have questions? We have answers.

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