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FREE Elevator Pitch Masterclass

Learn how to write the FIVE most crucial fundraising sentences for your startup.

Elevator Pitch Masterclass

A FREE Online Course:

Learn to write an Elevator Pitch

Nail your core messaging

A FREE template worksheet

Eight, high-impact videos

40+ minutes of expert instruction

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FREE Elevator Pitch Masterclass

Complete the first and most important step in raising funds for your startup: the Elevator Pitch.

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    Nail your pitch message

    Learn to write a powerful elevator pitch that hooks audiences and investors.

  • 02

    Make your pitch consistent

    Create a powerful narrative for use in emails, pitch decks, social channels, and more.

  • 03

    Cut through the noise

    Declutter your pitch and nail your startup’s key message in only five, short sentences.

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    Learn it all for FREE

    Great ideas start with a great elevator pitch. We believe in helping entrepreneurs tell their story.

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For startup founders looking to nail their message, or sharpen it.

Get ready to kick-start your fundraising efforts or breathe new life into your existing pitch.


A high-impact masterclass that will help land you that investor meeting.

Learn the powerful writing technique that will help get your startup noticed.

  • Action-packed, video course

    Easy-to-follow, short videos to help you write a powerful elevator pitch.

  • Engaging and self-paced

    End-to-end guidance from a proven pitch deck expert learned at your own pace.

  • Clear and useful examples

    Powerful techniques and with tangible examples: no theories, just practice.

  • Elevator pitch worksheet

    Practice-focused learning with writing exercises that hone your core message.

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Watch the first seven minutes:

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A complete guide to the elevator pitch.

  1. Defining an elevator pitch and the core sentences founders need
  2. Writing an attention-grabbing, descriptive "Hook" for your startup
  3. Crafting your statements for your startup's Opportunity, Problem, Solution, Traction, and What's Next
about keane

Hi, I'm Keane . I help startups 40x their chances of getting funded.

I help founders and entrepreneurs win the hearts and minds of investors by creating powerful pitch decks that land funding.

Since 2018, I’ve specialized in pitch deck writing and design. STORY’s clients have a 40x higher funding rate than the industry average – and now I’m giving away one of our most powerful techniques for FREE.

Why? Creating a winning pitch deck is HARD!

It takes a ton of knowledge and expertise to excel in all the skills that are required. You need to be a master storyteller, a great researcher, a data expert, an amazing designer, and to top it off, an amazing presenter. Startup founders barely have time to run their startup let alone become an expert in all of that.

My startup pitch deck credentials:

  • Written and designed dozens and dozens of startup pitch decks
  • 40x higher funding rate than the industry average
  • Broad experience across all verticals from CPG to technology
  • Unique skillset blends strategy, storytelling, data, and design

My background in communications:

  • Taught presentation skills to hundreds of professionals around the world
  • 10+ years as a highly-awarded Fortune 500 advertising strategist
  • Advertising clients included Coca-Cola, IKEA, GE, NBC Universal, and more
  • Advertising awards included Cannes Lions, Shortys, Webbys, and APG Awards
  • Featured by AdAge, DM News, The Drum, DigiDay, and Campaign Magazine

Whether you’ve got a pitch already or you’re just starting, creating your elevator pitch is the first step to landing funding.

Click below to start now.

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