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The Startup Power Pitch

The step-by-step guide to building an electrifying early-stage pitch deck.

The Startup Power Pitch

A complete online pitch deck course:

A proven step-by-step process

Over 5 hours of video instruction

Worksheets, templates, and more

Learn both writing and design tips

Taught by a proven pitch expert

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The Startup Power Pitch Online Course

Learn the complete, step-by-step process that STORY uses every day to help build winning pitch decks for our clients that have raised millions.

  • 01

    Kickstart your fundraising game

    Get your winning pitch deck DONE so you can get out there and start fundraising sooner.

  • 02

    Skyrocket your odds of fundraising

    Know what investors are looking for with data-backed insights from our investor opinion research.

  • 03

    Knock your pitch out of the park

    Discover the proven techniques that have increased our client’s chances of getting backed by 40x.

  • 04

    Win with a powerful story

    Build a winning pitch deck with step-by-step instructions from a proven pitch deck master.

  • 05

    Be confident in your pitch

    Unearth techniques that have helped raise millions through powerful, action-oriented examples.

  • 06

    Take your pitch to the next level

    Upgrade an existing pitch or start from scratch with our tips, tools, and hacks to get backed.

Enroll Now for $597

Learn the proven techniques we use to create the pitch decks our clients use to raise millions.

Raises from Q1 2021 clients include:

Raised $1.7 million
Raised $2.4 million
Raised $3.1 million
Raised $3.5 million

Everything you need to build a winning pitch deck that will help you get backed.

Whether you're starting from scratch or upgrading your pitch, our course will teach you powerful techniques for storytelling, writing, and design.

  • Simple, step-by-step instructions

    Exclusive access to our winning pitch process with end-to-end directions from a seasoned pro.

  • A crystal clear, powerful process

    Methodical strategies to build your pitch deck from a single sentence to a well-rounded, concise story.

  • Data-driven opinions and advice

    Kick-ass insights on fundamental pitch deck slides from our industry-leading investor research.

  • Finally get your pitch done

    Build, edit, and finish your pitch deck with over five hours of videos and loads of exercises.

  • Design for non-designers

    Learn how to think visually with design tips that help investors understand concepts and ideas.

  • Free resources and templates

    Enhance your pitch with pro-level resources, tools, and templates to make your pitch stand out.

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A comprehensive cirruculum.

  1. The fundamentals of pitch decks
  2. Writing a powerful elevator pitch
  3. Creating and editing your pitch content
  4. Designing your pitch deck visuals
  5. Creating and editing your pitch content

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Kick-start your fundraising efforts and learn the secrets we use to create a winning pitch.

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about keane

Hi, I'm Keane . I help startups 40x their chances of getting funded.

I help founders and entrepreneurs win the hearts and minds of investors by creating powerful pitch decks that land funding.

Since 2018, I’ve specialized in pitch deck writing and design. STORY’s clients have a 40x higher funding rate than the industry average – and now I’m giving away one of our most powerful techniques.

Why? Creating a winning pitch deck is HARD!

It takes a ton of knowledge and expertise to excel in all the skills that are required. You need to be a master storyteller, a great researcher, a data expert, an amazing designer, and to top it off, an amazing presenter. Startup founders barely have time to run their startup let alone become an expert in all of that.

My startup pitch deck credentials:

  • Written and designed dozens and dozens of startup pitch decks
  • 40x higher funding rate than the industry average
  • Broad experience across all verticals from CPG to technology
  • Unique skillset blends strategy, storytelling, data, and design

My background in communications:

  • Taught presentation skills to hundreds of professionals around the world
  • 10+ years as a highly-awarded Fortune 500 advertising strategist
  • Advertising clients included Coca-Cola, IKEA, GE, NBC Universal, and more
  • Advertising awards included Cannes Lions, Shortys, Webbys, and APG Awards
  • Featured by AdAge, DM News, The Drum, DigiDay, and Campaign Magazine

Get your pitch deck DONE.

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Five modules. 53 videos. 5+ hours runtime. Worksheets. Templates. Resources.

This absolutely stacked course is built for moving at your own pace or skipping around. Either way, you'll get more than your money's worth.

  • 01

    Module One / Introduction

    3 videos + Business Essentials worksheet

    • Learn the basics of fundraising and what investors are looking for at each stage
    • Get data-driven insights into what a great pitch deck looks like and how to make one
  • 02

    Module Two / Elevator Pitch

    11 videos, Elevator Pitch template + examples

    • Nail the core messaging of your pitch deck in only five sentences
    • Dive deeper than our FREE Masterclass and get clear examples and additional pro-tips
  • 03

    Module Three / Pitch Content

    19 videos, Pitch Content template, 5 online writing tools we use every day + examples

    • Uncover the 15 key slides and deck flow we use as the basis for all of our pitch decks
    • See the step-by-step breakdown of how we write a pitch for a fake company called TastyDrone
  • 04

    Module Four / Pitch Visuals

    18 videos, 11 FREE PowerPoint templates, 7 free and paid resources to help with design + examples

    • Understand how to design and layout your pitch content in proven ways
    • View a complete and fully-designed pitch deck for a fake example company, TastyDrone
  • 05

    Module Five / Pitch Prep

    2 videos

    • Learn the secret to nailing verbal delivery which has a direct impact on fundraising success
    • Get tips on how to handle investor feedback and prepare your pitch materials for distribution

By the end, you'll have a top-tier, investor-ready pitch you can feel confident in.

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