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Love the final product. Appreciate how editable it is for copy, etc. changes. Loved Keane’s ideas and perspective. Loved the pace.
Jennifer Griffin, Partner
Mission BioCapital
The 2-week process was clearly described and there was an option for a 3-week process. Keane was very patient with our way of thinking and working; was respectful of our ideas and feedback; and provided excellent advice and counsel. The final pitch deck and one pager exceeded our expectations and looks professional and exciting. I would recommend Story Pitch Decks.
Georgia Keresty PhD, MPH, COO
Stealth Mode Biotech
Keane and his team are amazing. From distilling and honing your story, to crafting and polishing the deck itself, the Story pitch decks team provides high quality service with a rapid and efficient turnaround time. I would highly recommend Keane to any startup gearing up to go out and raise capital.
Robert Bell, CEO & Co-Founder
Telo Therapeutics
Working with Keane and his team at STORY has been incredible. The process is so fast and dialed and we created a pitch deck that is 1000X better than what we have come up with on our own in the past. I would recommend that anyone who is raising money should use STORY to build out their deck and 1 pager. Thanks again Keane and team!
Jay Davis, Founder & CEO
Pillow Cube
Second time working with Keane; great work!
Owen Barrett, President
ZNE Capital
Wow! So glad we found Keane and STORY pitch decks. We built our first pitch deck ourselves and blasted it out to VCs. We had a few nibbles but knew we needed to improve the overall quality of our pitch deck if we were to secure meaningful meetings. Keane and his team did an incredible job of capturing our story and unique value proposition and processing it all into a clean and clear pitch deck.
Adam Stave, Founder
Swish Brand
Keane and the STORY team have crafted two pitch decks for Nivoda, each one leading to a successful raise. With their help, we raised an $11M Series A round in 2022, and this year we signed a term sheet 12 days after STORY finished our Series-B deck. What we were particularly impressed by is the team’s ability to really understand our business model in a very short amount of time. Highly recommend.
Bas Lustenhouwer, CFO
If you are in need of pitch deck I would search no further. I met with five different companies and decided to work with Keane. He is direct, knowledgable, engaging, and somehow still very good at not wasting your time. Keane and his team took all of our information and put it into a presentation that truly represents our brand as if I made it myself.
Zachary Greatting, Co-Founder & CEO
Nosh Foods
Keane's process at STORY is unmatched in its ability to bring founders from 0 to 100 with their Pitch Deck. I exited the 2-week period feeling more confident than ever in my ability to go out and raise for my company. Any founder out there who is looking for that coveted ignition fuel to launch their business into the stratosphere should seriously consider working with STORY to make it happen.
Adam Walchirk, CEO
Merlyn Labs
STORY has developed a process that guarantees a positive outcome assuming that the client is all-in. Keane and his team have captured the value and market potential of Ruggshot in a powerful and compelling way. I am confident that our fundraising over the coming period will be in no small part attributable to the content, guidance and techniques that STORY delivered throughout this engagement.
Jonathan Kaye, CEO
Loved working with Keane on our pitch deck & ready to use it to make our first few pitches! The process they use to help build & create the deck allowed us to dial in what our customers may be looking for. I would recommend STORY & would use again. Thanks!
Brian Snider, COO
Collective Genius
Keane and his team have nailed down the Pitch Deck creation process. The experience was very positive, went swiftly, and the results were astonishing. He helped us flesh out a great positioning narrative and sometimes even jumped ahead of us and suggested superior ways to market our product. I'd definitively recommend working with StoryPitchDecks, and I hope to do so again!
Étienne Thouin, Founder and CTO
The STORY team worked efficiently in developing an amazing pitch deck that articulated our story effectively. I really appreciated the daily syncs that allowed us to accelerate the feedback loop and meet our deliverables on time. I highly recommend the team not only for their graphic design work, but also for their strategic insights. We definitely plan to work with the STORY team again.
Rob Collier
Keane and the STORY team did a great job understanding out business and market segment, and helped us clarify our message to potential investors and to ourselves. The process of working with STORY was seamless and a pleasure. The end result is a pitch deck we are proud to share, as well as a clarity around our company and direction that we didn't have at the outset.
Tara Cheever
LIT Software
The entire process and end result was outstanding. The working structure, preparation and efficiency is much appreciated. The team kept us on track with our progress in creating a product we are all pleased with within a 2 week window. The team is obviously experienced, knowledgable and creative. We are very excited to use our new material and highly recommend STORY for both ventures and VC's.
Crystal Phillips
Thin Air Labs
My entire team has benefited from his simple storytelling effort captured in our pitch deck. Every company has a story to tell. Every product and/or service has a story to tell. It takes a special team to help extract that story and create simple words and graphics around it. This is why I highly recommend Keane and his team!
Chris Anthony
TeamWorx Security
There's no way I could've created a deck like this on my own. The STORY process enabled me to get my vision + plan into a format that works. I'd absolutely utilize STORY again and feel any entrepreneur seeking funding or business seeking a brand deck would benefit hugely from working with Keane + STORY
Greg Scheinman
Midlife Male
It is great! We love the design and story told. The focus on narrative, flow, and positioning was really well done. Companies that are short on design time and require storytelling assistance in short periods would benefit from STORY. I have already recommended STORY to a number of people. Great work, keep it up!
Cole Orobetz, CEO
Alpha Foods
STORY helped us to create a bulletproof pitch AND pitch deck. In every digital asset provided, the attention to detail was apparent. What created the most value for our team, however, was flushing out every aspect of our business plan and creating a clear and concise narrative. Highly recommended!
Grant Bowman, SVP
ZNE Capital
Our new pitch deck is awesome, I am delighted to have it all set and ready to go. Anyone looking to get some clarity into their story and messages should work with Keane. He has a very simple, enjoyable and effective method. Top Class!!
Brian McDermott, CEO & Co-founder
Keane was a joy to work with. He was able to quickly grasp the details of our project and boil it down into a neat and clean presentation.
Chester Davison, CEO
Great Experience working with Keane and Story. Being able to have Keane distill out what is important versus less important was super invaluable. I would recommend Story to anyone starting a business that needs a pitch deck... even if you don't need it immediately, it can help organize your value proposition and help you describe to others who and what you are. THANKS STORY!!!!
Mat Glassman, CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Cuddles
Working with Keane and his phenomenal team was easily one of the best investments we have made for the future of our digital health practice. The Story team was knowledgeable, professional, well organized, and cared about our project as if it were their very own. We highly recommend this team to anyone who is serious about getting their ideas, products, and/or services before investors.
Otavio McKenzie, CEO & Co-founder
Remedy Well
It was great to work with the team at STORY. They were professional and delivered a great quality product right on time. Would definitely go back to Keane & team again.
Alex Lambert, CEO
Keane and his team did a great job telling our story and putting a well-designed deck together in a short time frame. I would recommend them for getting a pitch deck done.
Kristi Otto, CMO & Founder
Keane did an amazing job. It was amazing to have his structure to accelerate the process. I highly recommend for someone who needs their deck to stand out. The process is efficient and refined, and brings together all of the elements needed to build an effective and visually stunning deck.
Chris Bailey, Co-Founder
Studio Pod
We walked into this project with what we felt like was a pretty good deck, but needed the expertise that Keane and his team brought to really make it shine, and they did just that while also able to bring to surface the key points that sometimes as founders you can talk in circles around. We'd definitely recommend STORY to any founder friends!
Joseph West, Co-founder
Studio Pod
If you use this Story you will have a working, polished pitch deck within 2 weeks... Overall, I was really satisfied with how quickly and concisely Story compiled a strong pitch deck for my start up. I think any company could benefit from Keane Angle's cross-industry knowledge and how investors might look and feel when they are wanting to hear your pitch deck.
Laura LeMond, CEO
Keane and the STORY team did an amazing job helping us with our deck. We were really impressed by how quickly they understood our value prop and our market and were able to translate that into a deck– all in less than 2 weeks. The final product looks amazing and really tells our story. We could not be happier. Highly recommended.
Bas Lustenhouwer, CFO
Keane gets it DONE! And more importantly, done well. What he accomplished in 2 weeks would have taken us a month and the result still wouldn't be as good. So worth the money! Keane is incredibly efficient and does an excellent job understanding your business and your goals.
Adrian Sasine, CMO & Co-Founder
The entire process from start to finish was a pleasure. Keane has a process for everything and I knew exactly what was expected of me at every step of the way. It's clear and concise, beautifully designed and the results are even better than we expected! My whole team is stoked. Thanks for being awesome!
Rebecca Kirstein Resch, CEO
We really loved Keane's structured & time-bound approach to preparing the deck. Keane & his team are amazing at what they do. He had some great insights about how to build our narrative and really enjoyed working with him.
Nithin Shetty, AVP Corp. Finance
We're extremely happy with the design and content laid out in our new pitch deck. I highly recommend Keane and his services to anyone who is struggling with conceptualizing and implementing a clear, concise, and effective pitch deck as well as finding the time to do so.
Mike Bittner, CEO
Such a streamlined process produced an exceptionally high-quality pitch deck. Keane helped us create a story with enticing facts about our product, the industry, and our future. We now are able to prioritize the stats that matter most to investors in a visually stunning way. Worth every cent. I look forward to working with Keane in the future!
Jared Famenko, Founder
This was the perfect team for me to create my ultimate deck. the efficiency and proactive nature of the process were what I needed to get the job done. They are good listeners, intuitive, swift, and incredibly creative. I would highly recommend this team.
Barbara Jones, Founder & CEO
Outshine Talent
Above and beyond, that's my summary of Story pitch decks. Checked out a couple of other services before deciding on Keane and his team. The deck was finished a few days earlier than the deadline, and it was above my expectations. I feel very confident shopping around our new boosted pitch deck to investors. Thanks, Keane!
Bjorn Niclas, Founder
Extremely satisfied with the care and detail put into the development of our pitch deck. Story provided outstanding service! We will definitely be using this company again in the future.
Sylvia Roulhac, CEO
As a super busy CEO, the thought of creating an amazing pitch deck to raise our Series-A was quite intimidating. I needed someone who was an expert in the space with a proven track record and a solid process. Not only did I find that in STORY but the outcome far exceeded my expectations. Keane and the team are top-notch. My only regret is not having found them sooner!
Ryan Sorley, CEO
At first, I wasn't sure whether I needed to hire a freelancer to help me with my pitch deck since I already had my own version. However, Keane and his team truly raised my pitch deck to a whole other level. To anyone debating whether this is a necessary investment, I could not encourage it more.
Zack Doherty, Founder
Keane and the team not only helped us create a much better pitch deck, but they also helped us make some important decisions that make us a better company. We love our new pitch deck and we're sure our Seed investors will too. If you're not sure you are ready to draft your start-up story, then Story Pitch Decks is for you. They'll make you ready.
Tony Crivelli, CEO
Keane was extremely professional and pleasant to work with. If you are having trouble getting your deck past the finish line or wanting more confidence around the story then Keane and his team are definitely the people to work with. Our financing round was oversubscribed in large part to Keane and his work, thank you!
Max Cunningham, CEO
Sesh Products
Keane and his team run an incredible and valuable process. I saw a night and day transformation in how we articulated our business and vision, which yielded immediate results even before the deck was completed. I feel significantly more prepared and confident to engage with leading investors on our business idea as a direct result of Keane's work.
Kris Sandor, Co-founder & CEO
Sunlight Technologies
Keane created a phenomenal deck for ShipSights. While the outcome was impressive, the process and execution were hands down the best I've experienced in 15+ years of working with outside creative / design. I'd recommend Keane to anyone looking for a Pitch Deck or Sales Deck that is on brand, on voice, and in style.
Garret Richardson, VP Sales
Keane and his team were fantastic. They educated us on the pitching process, helped us hone in on missing messaging pillars and push the boundaries, and they gave life to our brand styling. We wouldn't want to work with anyone else.
Arben Istrefi, COO
Working with Keane and his team on our deck accelerated the timeline for being ready for discussions with potential investors. I was impressed at his ability to quickly dive into our market and developing the communication of our positioning within that market.
Josh Malate, COO
We couldn't have made a better decision than to partner with Keane and the team at Story! From understanding our business to graphics selection to creating a concise and accurate message, Keane and his team did a remarkable job of creating a Pitch Deck for our Seed Round. I highly recommend Story.
Shawn D. Smith, CEO
1 True Health-Care Mgmt
This is the expert you are looking for! Developing the deck with Keane was our second attempt to develop it after the first attempt was made "in-house." I am thrilled to say that we will not use the "third time's the charm" idiom because Keane absolutely nailed it!
Marko Pavlović, COO
Keane is a true pro and amazing. He makes magic come out of your brain and puts a much better version of it into a deck.
John Vitti, CEO
I have worked with a lot of consultants over the years but working with Keane was one of the best experiences. He is efficient, meets deadlines, and can craft a story that I was finding difficult to articulate in parts. We have come away with a great deck and a clear message. Thank you, Keane!
Tom Ormerod, Co-founder
As an M&A Corporate Advisor, I work on many transactions each year and I have no doubt that Keane's service can add value to many of them - the product is incredibly professional, and Keane's working style and strategic acumen also add real value to the process. I will be engaging with Keane again in the future for sure
Al Elliott, Director
Tooronga Advisory
What an incredible process and outcome! Keane nailed the key messages and delivered a beautifully presented pitch deck with speed and efficiency. His process is flawless and very easy for time-poor founders to manage. Highly recommended.
Alexandra Ormerod, Mg. Dir.
Keane's resulting pitch deck was much better than anything we could have put together ourselves. Also, he was adept at helping us frame our story in a simple and impactful way, which we were struggling with. Keane also really understood our vision--from the visual impact to the goal of our startup.
Adela Timmons, Ph.D. & CEO
Colliga Apps
Was super impressed with the outcome of our deck after working with Keane. The overall design turned out great and we have a super clean, straight-to-the-point deck now.
Seb Jacob, CEO
Faber Connect
What we loved the most about Keane's services was how intentionally he chose every word on the pitch deck. He was able to take our story, service and extensive market research distill it down into the essential elements. It became clear what we were really pitching and made it so much more compelling. Thank you for your great work!
Folake Owodunni, CEO
Emergency Response Africa
We love. Simple and direct. Clean and Professional. Any company, especially with telecommunication being moved to a preferred method of meeting. It takes way too much time to put all of this together, even if you're proficient with Photoshop and PowerPoint, Keane goes beyond the visual to capture what you're trying to sell.
Josiah Schaffer, President
Next IT
Keane's a pleasure to work with and his methodical approach to messaging is bulletproof. No matter how complex the brief, he'll get to the heart of what makes your brand special and will help you tell its story in a way that resonates with your audience. I recommend Keane without any hesitation and look forward to working with him again.
Eliott Maidenberg, CMO
I came to Keane not because I was inexperienced in fundraising, but because I had a very difficult company to pitch. Keane is the real deal. Everything from his process to business intelligence is the best I've seen and an amazing designer to boot. I doubt you'll find this level of a trifecta anywhere else. Amazing results. I true case of you get what you pay for. Wholeheartedly recommend.
Chris Prendergast, CEO
Keane Angle of Story Pitch Decks has some serious skills. He took my pitch book from basic to pro in very little time. I thoroughly recommend his services!
Kyle Crystal, Principal
Eastborough Capital
It's been a pleasure working with Keane right from the first sales introduction through to contracting and fulfillment. He starts off with a well-structured day-by-day plan of action and timeline. Keane has a knack for learning quickly and taking our winding ramblings and condensing them into a very concise, yet relatable, understandable and compelling story and visually appealing pitch deck.
Ingemar Johnsson, CEO
Tribes & Co
Thank you Keane for superfast and on-point delivery. You turned complex stuff into a natural compound story. Well done
Henrik Lohk, Co-founder
Tribes & Company
Story is the epitome of professionalism and talent. Keane's process is thorough and through it, we were able to really solidify our value proposition and prioritize what investors care about most. Keane had incredibly valuable suggestions along the way that took the pitch deck to the next level. I have no doubt that working with Keane is sure to give you a leg up in your investor conversations.
Gina Waldhorn, COO
Sports Innovation Lab
Keane was great to work with. Professional, smart, and has a talent for distilling your company and vision into a 15 slide deck. It's a rare skill and he has it. Highly recommended.
Brian Maxwell, Founder
Go Local
It was a pleasure to work with Keane on our pre-seed fundraise deck. Our deck looks sleek, to the point and communicates the important information. If you are looking to raise venture capital funding and want to create a document that can capture attention and convey the right message, it's worth the investment to work with a pro.
Sena Zorlu, CEO
Piku Games
Keane is that rare bird that is capable of so much more than just pretty visuals. He is a true thought partner in helping you refine your concept and messaging, and his insight is really invaluable. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to knock the socks off of their audience or investor group.
Jake Counne, CEO and Co-founder
Wilder Fields
Keane analyzed my needs quickly and accurately. He demonstrated great skills as -a strategist -a graphic designer -a copywriter He respected all deadlines and was forthcoming with solutions when facing unexpected issues.
Jerome C., CEO and Founder
I am exceptionally happy with the deck that Keane put together. Keane doesn’t just make a pretty picture, he provides thoughtful feedback to help fine tune a concept and craft a compelling narrative around it.
Akiva Wagner, CEO and Co-founder
Keane has an ability to see through the noise to get to the important keys.
Susie Tomenchok, Co-founder
What a great job! Took a highly complex topic and narrowed our message down to a point of focus. He has a process for getting to what’s important to get across in a presentation and we have already started our next project with him.
Bill Kimberlin, CEO and Co-Founder
Reveal Networks
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