Aug 11, 2022
Keane Angle
Louise Saludo

Struggling to actually win investors with your pitch? We know the answer.

This intimate, highly-interactive, guided virtual workshop helps founders write or re-write a world-class, winning pitch deck in a single day.

Founders: This workshop will help you write a world-class pitch deck in a day.

STORY Pitch Decks has worked with hundreds of startup founders and we know one fact to be true: most founders often spend weeks or even months struggling to get their pitch “investor-ready.”

That’s why we’ve created our Deck-in-a-Day Founder Bootcamp.

It’s an intimate, highly-interactive, guided virtual workshop built to help founders write or re-write a world-class, winning pitch deck in a single day (7 hours to be precise).

84% of founders are unhappy with their pitch deck or are still working on it.

If you want to land funding, it’s not enough to have an “okay” pitch deck.

You need a great pitch deck to really stand out from the crowd.

And a great pitch deck doesn’t start with design - it starts with your STORY.

But, you might already know that by now.

Instead, you may have a ton of really specific questions like:

  • How many slides should I have?
  • What exactly are those slides?
  • What order should slides be in for my startup?
  • How can I sharpen my Problem-Solution statements?
  • How do I calculate my total market opportunity?
  • How can I show how we’re better than the competition?
  • And more…

Our Deck-in-a-Day Founder Bootcamp will answer all of those questions and more.

This 7-hour workshop coaches founders through the same step-by-step process that STORY has used to create pitch decks for over 100 startups that have raised a rate 40x greater than the industry average.

In just one day, founders will have…

  1. A fully-written world-class pitch deck ready to be designed
  2. A gripping narrative with the best possible positioning
  3. Powerful and persuasive slide copy that wins investors
  4. Compelling company traction – even for pre-revenue startups
  5. Benefit statements that nail their company’s value proposition
  6. Crystal clear articulation of their product or service offering
  7. Smart and straightforward go-to-market and expansion plans
  8. Exceptional and concise founder team and advisor bios
  9. Impressive yet realistic financial projections and use-of-funds
  10. The perfect data and charts to reinforce key points in the deck

Note: This workshop focuses on writing only and does not cover design

Okay, but one day seems kind of aggressive? Exactly!

Like the founders we work with, we hate wasting time. We like to act fast and with purpose and that’s exactly the same ethos we’ve applied when designing this action-packed workshop.

This workshop is designed to get it done!

Why so aggressive? Here’s why:

Fast and not-too-furious is the name of the game for startups. The less time that’s wasted trying to get your pitch “perfect” the more time you can spend actually pitching investors and the sooner you can get to that coveted term sheet.

About the coach: Keane Angle and his team have created over 100 startup pitch decks that have raised over $200 million.

The Deck-in-a-Day Founder Bootcamp was created by our founder, Keane Angle, a multi-award-winning Fortune 500 advertising strategist turned pitch deck pro. Keane and the STORY team have created pitches for over 100 startups that have raised at a rate 40x greater than the industry average.

In addition to his work with startups, Keane Angle has built and led workshops for world-class global brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, General Electric, Kraft, Norwegian Airlines, and more.

He has also trained over 1,000 employees around the world at companies like Comscore on the art of creating presentations that communicate with power and get results.

The inaugural bootcamp: Saturday, September 24th 2022 from 9am EST to 4pm EST.

Here’s the agenda:

Here’s the format:

  1. Highly Intimate - A maximum of 10 founders and startups
  2. 100% Virtual - Attend the video conference from anywhere
  3. Value Packed - Templates, worksheets, and resources provided
  4. Super Collaborative - One-on-one breakouts, Q&As, and more
  5. Jumps Right In - Doesn't waste any time and gets right to writing

Here’s what’s required:

  • Reserve your seat in advance, see link below to grab a spot
  • One founder and one startup per seat, ten seats maximum
  • 2-3 hours of pre-workshop homework (research and pre-writing)
  • Attendance from 9-12pm EST and 1-4pm EST (the full session)

Save $750 and grab tickets to the ALPHA bootcamp today.

For our first bootcamp, we’re offering a deep, deep, DEEP discount to the tune of $750 off the full price of $1,000. Eventually, this will be a monthly, recurring workshop.

Attendees of both our ALPHA and BETA workshops will be required to take a very short survey afterward to ensure we’ve got the best pitch deck bootcamp possible.

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