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Apr 20, 2023

OUT NOW: "How Good Is My Pitch Deck? Ignite Your Startup’s Story and Attract Investor Capital"

Ever wonder if your pitch is good enough for investors? Learn actionable, quantitative frameworks to help you answer this question and more.

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In the fourth quarter of 2022, Wall Street Journal reports that Venture Capital firms have hit a nine-year low.

“'The amount of money raised in new funds in the fourth quarter of 2022 was the lowest total for that quarter since 2013.' The amount of money raised was 65% lower than in the fourth quarter of 2021, while the number of VC funds plunged from 620 during the last three months of 2021 to 226 in the same quarter of 2022, according to the report."
- PYMNTS, citing Wall Street Journal's report.

The number of VC funds has also plunged from 620 in Q4 2021 to 226 in Q4 2022.

So, what does this mean for startup founders?

The reality is that raising capital for your startup is harder than ever right now.

As hard as it is to raise funds, it’s become even harder—especially for first-time founders. Market conditions right now are causing investors to set different standards when choosing startups to invest in.

In the world of fundraising, “no” has always been the default answer.

Before enjoying the immense success they have today, the multi-billion companies that we all know and love (or hate) were rejected many, many times.

  • AirBnB was rejected by five out of seven investors they had reached out to; the other two ignored them completely
  • The Foundry Group had initially passed on Fitbit, only for them to offer an investment eight months later
  • Bessemer Venture Partners even put together what they call the Anti-Portfolio— a collection of now successful companies they passed on investing in. One entry notes how investor Byron Deeter met the Tesla team and even put a deposit on a car after getting a chance but eventually passed on investing. Tesla passed $30B in market cap in 2014.
  • Christoph Janz from Point Nine Capital passed on Soundcloud, despite spending a considerable amount of time studying the opportunity.

The truth is, many founders have had to endure multiple rejections before finally getting funded. As investors become more selective, founders need to create a perfect pitch that gets them noticed.

A good pitch deck gets ignored, a great pitch deck gets funded.

Your pitch deck is a reflection of your startup—the company’s accomplishments in the past, its current structure, and its future iterations. So, if a pitch deck is unfocused, this reflects poorly on the founding team.

However, it's unfair to think that a founder can also become a pitch deck expert overnight. In order to create a winning pitch deck, a founder needs to be a great copywriter, designer, and presenter.

Unfortunately, these are skills that must be learned and practiced. This is especially true for founders that don't come from a writing or design background.

Adding to the immense stress of fundraising, founders also have to worry about their startups’ day-to-day operations. In fact, in our survey of 300 founders, we found that 69% are employed full-time while others are freelancers. It’s no wonder we found that 84% struggle to build their pitch deck.

"But, isn't there some secret formula for pitch decks?"

Every startup is unique. So, every pitch deck is also unique. There is no one-size-fits-all formula or silver bullet for writing a great pitch deck every time. Founders have to build their pitch deck from the ground up and continuously edit their way to perfection.

This is a good thing.

Why? Even if the odds are stacked against today’s first-time founders, the right expert guidance can give you a higher chance at securing funding.

However, there are frameworks that founders can use to tangibly improve their pitch and our founder, Keane Angle, just published a book with them.

How Good Is My Pitch Deck?
Ignite Your Startup’s Story and Attract Investor Capital.

Since founding STORY Pitch Decks in 2020, Keane Angle and the team here at STORY have helped clients raise over $250 million in early-stage funding with a fundraising rate that’s 40x higher than the industry standard.

In How Good Is My Pitch Deck? we share our winning frameworks to evaluate your strengths, elevate your startup's story, and eliminate the distracting fluff from your pitch.

Winning Frameworks That Will Help Get You Funded.

In Keane's new book, founders will learn to...

  • Identify the most powerful parts of your business
  • Evaluate how compelling your startup’s story is to investors
  • Pinpoint and mitigate the biggest weakness of your pitch
  • Ideally position your startup within any industry
  • Focus your pitch messaging around a single direction
  • Strengthen key attributes to align with that direction
  • Adjust your overall business strategy to win long-term
  • Eliminate unnecessary fluff at every level of your pitch
  • Navigate investor feedback after you’ve pitched a few times

BONUS: This book includes a FREE digital companion kit!

  • 2x full-length, fully designed before/after example pitch decks
  • 3x one-page cheat sheets that summarize the book’s key concepts

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    For most startups, your brand begins with your pitch deck. We work with existing brands, and even create brand-new ones.


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If you are in need of pitch deck I would search no further. I met with five different companies and decided to work with Keane. He is direct, knowledgable, engaging, and somehow still very good at not wasting your time. Keane and his team took all of our information and put it into a presentation that truly represents our brand as if I made it myself.
Zachary Greatting, Co-Founder & CEO
Nosh Foods
We love. Simple and direct. Clean and Professional. Any company, especially with telecommunication being moved to a preferred method of meeting. It takes way too much time to put all of this together, even if you're proficient with Photoshop and PowerPoint, Keane goes beyond the visual to capture what you're trying to sell.
Josiah Schaffer, President
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The 2-week process was clearly described and there was an option for a 3-week process. Keane was very patient with our way of thinking and working; was respectful of our ideas and feedback; and provided excellent advice and counsel. The final pitch deck and one pager exceeded our expectations and looks professional and exciting. I would recommend Story Pitch Decks.
Georgia Keresty PhD, MPH, COO
Stealth Mode Biotech