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Oct 5, 2023

Team STORY Introduces V3: A Comprehensive Guide to New Upgrades

STORY breaks down the exciting new updates for Founders to access on, including all new photo integrations, template options, and more!

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Louise Saludo

For most early-stage founders, pitch deck expertise can’t be achieved overnight. In order to make a winning pitch, founders need to be writers, storytellers, designers, and presenters. With so many conflicting pitch deck opinions online, boot-strapped founders have no choice but to go through the cycle of trial and error. was created to minimize the errors that first-time founders go through at the beginning of their fundraising journey. The good news? V3 just went live.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

Snazzy Pics? Check!

A pitch deck is a visual tool to help you raise—and a good pic is worth, well, a lot of words. The latest version now integrates commercial-free stock photos. How? uses the information provided to curate keywords for stock photos. These photos are automatically embedded in your newly generated pitch. So, no more endless scrolling for that one image that just gets your vibe.

Here are some sample slides, a Title Slide and a Solution Slide. The photos generated here are dynamic and exciting, without taking too much away from the content of the slides.

TastyDrone Title Slide Sample
TastyDrone Soution Slide Sample

Slide Makeover? Done!

Originally, was more focused on getting your pitch deck content right. We packaged our AI-generated pitch deck into a black-and-white template so it’s formatted to be redesigned easily. In V2, we introduced branded colors that change the background color of your generated pitch. Now with V3, we’ve made the pitch deck design more dynamic with more photos, accent colors, and maybe even custom fonts (wink wink).

Our next set of examples are the Barriers to the Future Slide and Problem Slide. Here we can see how easy to read these slides are; each slide structure is unique and lets the reader process information quickly.

TastyDrone Barriers to the Future Slide Sample
TastyDrone Problem Slide Sample

Say Hi to Lily: The Pitch Deck Whisperer

Originally meant to answer FAQs and assist with orders, our virtual assistant gained more capabilities in V3.

Now, founders no longer have to wait for our team to use our tool. V3 gives founders more control when it comes to generating their pitch. The best part? There are now two ways to generate your pitch: build it from scratch or rewrite an existing pitch. If founders don’t have an existing document, they can opt to answer Lily’s questions to generate their pitch.

Get More for Less

At, we understand the importance of providing value to our users, especially to the founders who are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. That's why we're excited to offer our latest V3 features at an incredibly affordable price point – just $29!

Why Might Just Be Your New BFF

In the startup universe, we're all racing against the clock. And let's face it, while the idea is king, first impressions matter too. Our improvements in empower more and more early-stage founders who are navigating the world of startup and investment for the first time. Whether it’s to build an investor-ready pitch or it’s for organize their thoughts and notes, helps founders know what investors are looking for in terms of pitch de

Cheers to nailing that pitch! Let be your fundraising wingman. Get started here.


    We ensure your deck has everything in it that investors look for so your startup can land more meetings more often.


    We’ve written hundreds of decks since 2018; we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to embody the tone you’re going for.


    For most startups, your brand begins with your pitch deck. We work with existing brands, and even create brand-new ones.


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Here's what past founders are saying:

I came to Keane not because I was inexperienced in fundraising, but because I had a very difficult company to pitch. Keane is the real deal. Everything from his process to business intelligence is the best I've seen and an amazing designer to boot. I doubt you'll find this level of a trifecta anywhere else. Amazing results. I true case of you get what you pay for. Wholeheartedly recommend.
Chris Prendergast, CEO
I am exceptionally happy with the deck that Keane put together. Keane doesn’t just make a pretty picture, he provides thoughtful feedback to help fine tune a concept and craft a compelling narrative around it.
Akiva Wagner, CEO and Co-founder
My entire team has benefited from his simple storytelling effort captured in our pitch deck. Every company has a story to tell. Every product and/or service has a story to tell. It takes a special team to help extract that story and create simple words and graphics around it. This is why I highly recommend Keane and his team!
Chris Anthony
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