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There's no way I could've created a deck like this on my own. The STORY process enabled me to get my vision + plan into a format that works. I'd absolutely utilize STORY again and feel any entrepreneur seeking funding or business seeking a brand deck would benefit hugely from working with Keane + STORY
Greg Scheinman
Midlife Male
Keane gets it DONE! And more importantly, done well. What he accomplished in 2 weeks would have taken us a month and the result still wouldn't be as good. So worth the money! Keane is incredibly efficient and does an excellent job understanding your business and your goals.
Adrian Sasine, CMO & Co-Founder
Keane and the STORY team have crafted two pitch decks for Nivoda, each one leading to a successful raise. With their help, we raised an $11M Series A round in 2022, and this year we signed a term sheet 12 days after STORY finished our Series-B deck. What we were particularly impressed by is the team’s ability to really understand our business model in a very short amount of time. Highly recommend.
Bas Lustenhouwer, CFO